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Lisa and Jodi, Book That Event’s top dogs, are passionate about creating and managing cutting-edge events, connecting with communities and getting involved with anything related to dogs.

SURF is BIG in Huntington, both in waves and culture (pun intended). A close second in Huntington’s claim to fame is its dog friendly environment. Huntington Beach hosts one of the few and largest dog beaches in California, many great dog friendly hotels and resorts, as well as restaurants. Fittingly, Dog Fancy magazine named the Huntington Beach DogTown USA in 2009.

Their passion for sport and canines (OK, Lisa is dog obsessed) as well as their well-honed instincts for a dog-gone good time, lured the pair to the growing sport of dog surfing. In 2009 the Surf City Surf Dog was created to fuse the surf and dog culture together that Huntington is celebrated for. Held annually in the fall, the Surf City Surf Dog has earned the reputation as the premier dog surfing competition on the circuit.

Surf City Surf Dog would also like to thank the City of Huntington Beach for the “pawf”ect venue and our charity partners who sacrifice so much to save the lives of precious pooches in need.

If you have questions regarding Surf City Surf Dog, or want exhibitor information, please email us at: lisa@bookthatevent.com.

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